About Us

NOMADgardens is a roaming community garden in the heart of Mission Bay, San Francisco.

We rent 2’x4’ raised beds to our local residents to grow their own food and teach health, wellness and urban agriculture classes in the garden and throughout the community.

Through wonderful community partners, NOMADgardens is the first vacant lot in Mission Bay to be activated on behalf and for the community. Our vision is to continue to build the garden into a vibrant hub that connects its diverse community through food cultivation and education, helping to build and sustain a healthy, happy and thriving community.

To respond to the rapid growth of our neighborhood, the garden was designed to be moveable, meaning all parts of the garden can be picked up with a forklift, placed on a truck and relocated to another available parcel within Mission Bay.

Our Community Is Growing!

NOMADgardens is now a part of Parklab, an entity that will continue to curate the 4-acre space that the garden sits within. We are excited to be the catalyst for this new curated space designed to attract other co-creators with a social mission. We look forward to meeting our new neighbors and watching the neighborhood and Parklab grow, flourish and become the ‘third space’ NOMADgardens’ founder always dreamed of.

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