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What is NOMADgardens?

A temporary ‘roaming’ community garden (workshop and event space) that can be placed in any ‘available’ parcel of Mission Bay and be easily relocated upon the parcels sale.

I signed up for your email, what can I expect?

We are working on a communications document that will outline how we communicate with you, such as type of information and frequency. Please stay tuned for this!


Can I rent out the space for a private event?

Yes! The garden is a wonderful place to host events. Members receive discounts. If you are interested in renting the space for a private event please contact us at events@nomadgardens.org.

What kind of community events will you have?

NOMAD is more than just a community garden. We currently host events and workshops supporting health, wellness and urban agriculture. Our goal is to host other events such as: panel discussions, cooking classes, movie nights, picnics and bbq’s! Have a great partnership in mind? Please email us at events@nomadgardens.org. We love partnering with organizations that share our mission.

Get Involved

I’m a developer and would like to learn more about your model?

Great! We have a few developers that are interested in our new model. We’d love to discuss opportunities with you. Please contact Stephanie Goodson, the founder, for more details on our expansion goals at: stephanie@nomadgardens.org. Our team of architects, urban designers, designers (to include web)  and garden managers have the knowledge and expertise to turn your vacant lot into a vibrant hub for your community. A true value add and win for both you, the city and the community!

I hear you’re looking for Teachers?

We have just begun hosting workshops and are looking for Health, Wellness and Urban Ag teachers. Should you know of anyone interested, please have them email stephanie@nomadgardens.org. We offer a shared revenue model that helps both!

I love what your doing, how can I get involved?

Three Ways to get involved:

  1. Come to our Community Work Day – Every 3rd Sunday of the month. Check Webiste the day of for tasks!
  2. Donate! We have a fantastic community who’s on a mission to build a healthy and sustainable Mission Bay community! By donating $20/qtr ($100/yr), you’ll support a celebratory volunteer day, encouraging commuity building and helping us establish Mission Bay’s Soul!
  3. Volunteer at our Events. There’s a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into keeping the garden running. We’d love your help with eventss. Examples include: open garden, close garden, check-in guests, submit surveys, brand ambassador, share our events with your network, invite others to attend our events. At the end of the day our success depends on our community. If this option interests you or you have an expertise that you would like to offer, please email stephanie@nomadgardens.org.

How it works

I have other questions.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, drop us a line!

Is there storage?

We currently do not offer storage for individual gardeners; however, if there is a interest among our gardens, or this affects your purchasing decision, we will look into it. We do have a shipping container that houses our community gloves, tools, seed and lending library. It will be locked and only available to our members.

Who’s this for?

Anyone who wants to grow their own food in Mission Bay with priority given to Mission Bay residents.

Will NOMADgardens open in my neighborhood?

We’d love to! If you’re interested in bringing NOMADgardens to your neighborhood, please email us at info@nomadgardens.org! Please make surey you have a site in mind and a developer that is interested in chatting wit us.

How long will NOMADgardens be at Mission Bay Blvd and Third St?

We have a two year interim use agreement with Mission Bay Development Group that began April of 2014. The beauty of our garden model is that we will be able to relocate should we be asked to. We are excited about the new interim use developments currently being planned for Mission Bay and are grateful to be included in those discussions.

How many garden plots can I get?

NOMADgardens’ mission is to build the garden into a vibrant hub that connect its diverse community through food cultivation and education. Therefore, we have a 6 plot limit per individual/household/company. NOMADgardens has the right to change this at any time. Those with more than 1 garden trough will be permitted to keep the current number of garden troughs, at the time of change.

How big are the plots?

Each plots is 2′x4′.

How much does each plot cost and do you provide refunds?

$26.67 per month ($320/year). Due to growing cycles, we only offer annual memberships. If you’re interested in a 6 month membership, please email stephanie@nomadgardens.org to inquire.

Refund Policy – We unfortunately can not offer refunds at this time. Should you find yourself not able to take care of your garden as you had hoped, or will be away for an extended period of time, please check out our GROW memberships.

How many plots are available?

Garden troughs are available now, but with the new residents coming on board, they are going fast. We currently have 108 garden troughs on site. We have a goal to increase this to 220 by December of this year. So grab your 2’x4′ garden trough today!

How will I water my plot?

Our gardeners water with our water hose and watering cans. Our community plots are watered via drip irrigation. We are looking into drip irrigation options for our gardeners. Once funding is secured or a partner identified, we will let you know. Should you know of any interested partners, please email stephanie@nomadgardens.org.

Is the garden dog friendly?

Yes. We just ask that you clean up after your furry friends. Currently we do not have an on-leash policy. Current gardeners, may request changes in our policies via email at info@nomadgardens.org. We are currently looking at ways to gain feedback to include surveys and in-person ‘town hall’ meetings.

How is the garden secured?

There is a fence surrounding the entire garden with a combination lock. Only garden members, grow members, NOMADstaff and the developer, know the combination. When locks change, NOMADstaff will notify you via email.

What hours will I be able to garden?

From sun up to sun down.

What is a ‘roaming’ garden and how does it move?

Each garden plot sits on a shipping pallet and can be relocated by a fork-lift; picked up, placed on a truck and then driven to it’s new pre-approved site in MB. Accessory items, such as irrigation, furniture, storage, will also be relocated via a truck. All parts of NOMADgardens are transportable, making it easy to move within a day.



Below are Urban Ag Resources that we thought you might find useful:


  • Golden Gate Gardening – http://www.amazon.com/Golden-Gate-Gardening-3rd-Edition/dp/1570616175. As a NOMADgardens member you have access to our own garden copy.
  • NOMADgardens Forum (for members only)
  • SFUAA – The San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance (SFUAA) promotes the growing of food within San Francisco and the associated goals of their member organizations (of which NOMADgardens is a member), through advocacy, education and grassroots action. It’s a fantastic way to meet like minded individuals, learn or join the urban ag policies committee or just garner resources for your own projects. Link: http://www.sfuaa.org/resources–faq.html. Our founder Stephanie Goodson sat as co-coordinator for the SFUAA from December 2013 to March 2015.
  • SF Environment has a GREAT resources page. Link: http://www.sfenvironment.org/buildings-environments/urban-agriculture
  • Bi-Right/18 Reasons do some phenomenal workshops. We actually aspire to reach their caliber of awesome. https://18reasons.org/
  • Other Garden Classes – Garden for the Environment provides fantastic classes. They have an amazing garden on 7th and Lawton that is a fantastic depiction of native planting. If you haven’t gotten over there yet, go! It’s magical and you’ll always learn something. They also offer certification classes!  http://www.gardenfortheenvironment.org/
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