Full Circle Fund

The Full Circle Fund approached NOMADgardens in January of 2014 as a possible grant partner for their 2014 grant cycle. After a few conversations about our mission and time availability, we were selected! We soon got to work, identified our true inflection point and began to roll out our second revenue stream, workshops! Thanks to our amazing team of 8 individuals, in a little over 6 months, we purchased a new indoor workshop space, hosted 3 workshops and 1 event and were gifted a how to guide and structured calendar that saved us an incredible amount of time and mind space. We are forever grateful to the team and look forward to building upon their framework. You can check out the 4 events here, on our past events page. Many Thanks to: Amie, Andrea, Phill, Carlos, Liz, Pei-Ru, Gemma and Jonathan.

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