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November 14, 2013

Hello Gardeners and Garden Supporters!

Yes. That’s right! After 3.5 years of hard work, NOMADgardens will finally be launching Jan 2014. Yes. We know we are long overdue on an update, so we thank you all sooo very much for your patience and your continued support!

We’ve learned so much through all of this and are extremely proud setting a precedent for Public/Private Partnerships. We are being considered the Anchor for Mission Bay, drawing people to the heart of it’s neighborhood. This is what I’m most proud of because NOMAD is about building community and I just get giddy thinking that we (ALL OF YOU) are helping shape the community here in SF.

So without further ado here are our BIG milestones:

  1. SFPA is our fiscal sponsor
    We know it’s somewhat old news, but we had to state it again. Without this huge achievement we wouldn’t be launching – so thank you so much to Maria D’Angelico (no longer with SF Parks Alliance) for being with us from the very beginning and for facilitating a successful partnership! We look forward to fostering our relationship with such an amazing organization.
  2. Official Letter from the City of San Francisco’s, Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, OCII (Successor to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency)
    Although other permits are being pulled as required, this letter provides the Planning support necessary for us to apply for the PUC water grant. We are so thankful to have the OCII support our mission!
  3. 5 year contract with Mission Bay Development Group (MBDG)
    Although we had received an approval letter from MBDG, the official contract sets a precedent for Public/Private partnerships here in SF, one that we are extremely proud of. This 5 year contract is contingent upon development forces. We will have a 90 day window to relocate to our next vacant lot. We owe our very existence to Seth Hamalian of MBDG for being open enough to chat with me about my crazy idea and to support it’s ever evolving mission as a founding partner. Seth, we are honored by your generosity of time, your expertise and continued support of building a strong community presence in Mission Bay.
  4. $10,000 PUC Water Tap Grant
    Our water tap grant application was submitted Oct 9th – we await official confirmation of the award, but it is looking good. :) This water tap set’s our timeline as the expectation is 60-90 from when the water grant application was submitted – putting us opening at the latest in Jan of 2014!
  5. New TEAM members!!!
    I have been so blessed to have individuals contact me to say that they want to help! It’s taken an army to get this project off the ground. To Date we’ve had 25 volunteers!!! We couldn’t have done it without you!!! As NOMAD has become more and more organized these are the new roles that we’ve added to our expanding team. If you’re interested in getting involved, please shoot me an email!
    Ramona Arechiga – Grants Coordinator
    Dina Beigelman – Project Lead
    Katie Colenditch – Volunteer Coordinator
    Chuck Wagner – Web Developer
  6. New Partnership with the UCSF Campus Life Services, Facilities
    We are excited to be partnering with UCSF Campus Life Services, Facilities. This partnership helps divert materials from the waste stream as well as will educate our community about composting and environmental stewardship. We look forward to working with Adam Schnirel and his team. We are just thrilled to pieces.
  7. Fred Gellert Family Foundation Grant
    We are so very excited!!! We received a $2,000 grant that will be used towards our security deposit that is being required by MBDG.
    Thursday Dec 5, 2013 @ Coalesse from 6-8:30 PM – Panel Discussion with leading experts in Food, Ag, Tech and Wellness. Titled: Capitalizing on Community, the panelists will be discussing how they are redefining and reframing community. Buy tickets here.
    Sunday Dec 8, 2013 @ the park directly across from our new site from 12-3 PM. Gardner Appreciation Picnic! Thanks for hanging in there with us!!! You guys are why we continue to push forward!!! We love you all! ;-)

A million thanks again for your continued support! Please spread the word about the events and until we are a sustainable, self-revenue generating business (yes that is our goal) we are a non-profit that needs your support to continue our awesome mission: To transform vacant lots into vibrant hubs for the community!

Please reach out with any questions! I’ll do my best to have them answered in 48 hrs. See you guys in December!!!

Stephanie Goodson

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